Those who are visually impaired should consider a Guide Dog

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind would like to invite more people who are vision impaired in the Mayo region to consider training with a Guide Dog or access its Orientation and Mobility (Long Cane ) Training programme.

“There are many vision impaired people in Ireland today who are completely dependent on their relatives or friends for getting out and about. Because they have not had access to training and support with their mobility they rarely leave home alone,” said Padraig Mallon, CEO of Irish Guide Dogs. “This can be very isolating and lonely. We want to get the message out there that we can provide support to them and getting access to independent living skills, long cane training or a Guide Dog is a positive doable experience that can be the difference between existing and really living your life.”

Currently 172 people have a Guide Dog in Ireland with an average of 40 Guide Dog Partnerships created each year. There are eight people with a Guide Dog in Mayo.

While Irish Guide Dogs operates a waiting list for its Guide Dog programme, given the holistic matching service between dog and person, people who apply for a Guide Dog may get a dog within six to 12 months, depending on location, routes, temperament and proficiency.

Call the LoCall number 1850 506300 for more information.


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