Paranormal fundraiser for Mayo Rape Crisis Centre

So many people are fascinated by the world of the paranormal. TV shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters International had a massive following and many of the viewers dreamed of spending the night in a haunted house or castle to see if they could find proof that there is something out there. Local WRFM DJ Rita Scott who presents The Crypt has taken this fascination and is using it as a fundraising opportunity. She explains: “We always see bake sales, 5km runs and charity walks, but this is something different to catch the public’s eye.”

On September 7 a paranormal investigation has been organised at The Conway Mill in Belfast and a member of The Mayo Rape Crisis Centre, Nicci Rowntree-Carroll has set up a sponsorship page on for people to sponsor her to stay the night at this haunted location. The investigation is being run by Down Paranormal which is an extremely professional and fun team using both modern and traditional methods in its investigations.

This coming Hallowe’en Rita Scott has organised Fright Fest West. This is the second year of this fundraiser and its proceeds are being split equally between The Mayo Rape Crisis Centre and The Mayo Women’s Support Services. Rita will join Irish Ghost Hunters, a paranormal investigation team founded by Today FM DJ Tim Kelly, and some special guests, to investigate Leap Castle in County Offaly which is one of the most haunted castles in Europe. If you join the Fright Fest West Facebook page details will be there of how you can sponsor the team online. The team will also have a bucket collection in Castlebar leading up to the event.

Rita Scott and Down Paranormal also organise public investigations so those interested in the paranormal can have a true experience of what it is like to be a ghost hunter for a night. If you are interested in going on an investigation you can email Rita Scott at [email protected]


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