Hand over to Irish Water progressing in the county

The roll over of the responsibility for the provision of water from the local authorities in the country to the newly formed Irish Water is continuing thought the year, the water supply and sewerage strategic policy committee of Mayo County Council was told this week.

Director of services for the council, Paddy Mahon told the committee that the council was in continued talks and negotiations with Irish Water over the hand-over in January 2014. The council will continue to operate the water supply in the county next year, but as an agent for Irish Water he informed the members there was no obligation for any of the staff in the council to transfer over to Irish Water. But there were opportunities for some to do so if they wanted and there were also secondment opportunities that have been advertised, Mr Mahon explained.

As for the capital investment programmes he said that planned investments should continue next year even after the hand over, and between September and December of this year the final parts of secondary legislation will be signed off for Irish Water.


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