How do I dispose of my old car

Jackson Engineering, based in Moneen, Castlebar, is now an authorised treatment facility where the public can bring end of life vehicles for safe disposal.

Vehicles normally reach the end of their lives either due to age or because of damage. To prevent vehicles being abandoned or illegally dumped, the owners of intact end of life vehicles must deposit such vehicles at an appropriately permitted or licensed authorised treatment facility (ATF ).

Inappropriate disposal of end of life vehicles causes a threat to the environment because of the hazardous materials contained in the car/van such as lead acid batteries, lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid and catalytic converters, all of which must be disposed of safely in order to prevent pollution.

By depositing your vehicle at an authorised treatment facility you cannot be charged if you are the registered owner of that vehicle and the vehicle is intact. Please remember to bring the vehicle registration documents with you. The operator is obliged to issue the registered owner with a certificate of destruction which details are recorded on the National Vehicle and Driver File, maintained by the Dept of Transport Tourism and Sport. The certificate of destruction is the only way to prove that the car has been scrapped legally and you are indemnified against any environmental damage.

Jackson Engineering are also authorised receive and recover waste iron and steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, lead, zinc, batteries, for safe disposal.

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