Barrett gets manager’s update on Curradrish path

Castlebar town councillor Harry Barrett has welcomed an update given to him by the town manager Seamus Granahan on progress being made on the provision of a path and new road surface for the residents of the Curridrish Road, Castlebar.

Councillor Barrett states: “The manager has updated me on the situation, and I am pleased to announce that the road surfacing of the entire Curridrish Road will begin in the coming weeks. Included in this will be the provision of a path for the entire length of the Curridrish Road, and, as I had asked by way of notice of motion, a path that will connect to the Curridrish Road to the town path network, via the Pontoon Road.”

Cllr Barrett said that families along the road had been in constant contact with him about progress on the promised path and “I am now in a position to say that it will be delivered, along with a a road resurfacing, in the coming weeks. I am very pleased that families, especially with young children walking to school, will have a proper safe path at long last.”


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