Councillors beg council to fund Claremorris lights

There is no money in the coffers of Mayo County Council to assist Claremorris in lighting up for Christmas.

Local elected representatives have repeatedly called on the council to make a donation towards the cost of Christmas lighting in the town, but the council confirmed again this week that there are no funds available this year.

Mr Seamus Granahan, director of services for the area, said Claremorris had benefited from recent investment by the council which has seen significant upgrading of the streets, the swimming pool is under construction and additional carparking has been provided, but there is nothing left for Christmas lighting.

The issue was raised by Councillor Tom Connolly, and not for the first time he begged the council to come up with a system that would fund Christmas lighting on an annual basis.

Cllr Pat McHugh said the carparking in Claremorris was generally regarded as a great success as prior to this cars had been choking up the town centre. But he said the businesses of Claremorris were concerned about putting their best foot forward given the recessionary times, and there was a cost involved. He asked the council, if they could, to make a contribution to lighting.


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