Mayo has fewest drivers with penalty points

According to the report Regional Quality of Life in Ireland, 2013 published by the CSO on Wednesday, Mayo had the fewest drivers with penalty points (13.1 per cent ) in Ireland.

The comprehensive report gives a great insight into the composition of the county. Latest figures available show that out of a population of 130,600, the main age of the population is in the 25 - 44 age group (26.9 per cent ), the main nationality of people living in Mayo is Irish (88.4 per cent ).

In Mayo, the vacancy rate of housing stock was 24.7 per cent. The main accommodation lived in the county is detached houses (69.9 per cent ). In the county, 45.3 per cent of dwellings were owner occupied without a loan or mortgage; 31.3 per cent had a loan or mortgage; 22.1 per cent rented, and 1.3 per cent did not state. House completions in Mayo in 2011 was 470 and 74.3 per cent of these house completions were single dwellings.

Mayo also has highest percentage of carers in the country with 6,558. The majority of them work one to 14 hours a week.

There are 170 primary schools in the county with 14,347 pupils and 655 teachers. This gives a pupil/school ratio of 84.4 and the average class size is 21.9. In secondary schools, of which there are 27, there are 10,427 pupils with a 386.2 pupils/school ratio.


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