County manager shares Flynn’s worries over pension payments

Westport based Fine Gael Cllr Peter Flynn expressed his concern over the amount of money that is being paid by Mayo County Council to cover the cost of pensions. Cllr Flynn was commenting on the annual financial statement of the council which was presented to the elected members by Peter Duggan, head of finance for Mayo County Council, at the May meeting of the council.

Cllr Flynn said, “The best part of €1 million euro is being spent on wages and expenses” before going on to say, “the thing that worries me is the pensions, there is 16 per cent of expenditure going on pensions. That’s a very big number, a ticking time bomb for not just us but the whole public sector”.

County manager Peter Hynes replied, “In relation to pensions and wages it is a worry we also share and we have concerns.”


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