Seminar for parents of children with language and learning difficulties

Have you ever wondered how you can help your child to be calmer, more focused and concentrate better; to be a better listener; to understand more; to express themselves more fully and to enjoy engaging and interacting with their peers?

Consultant speech and language therapist Karen O’Connor will answer these questions and many more at a special seminar in the Menlo Hotel, Galway, on Monday April 29 at 7pm.

Karen O’Connor is a director of the Listening Therapy Centre and has 19 years experience working closely with children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, dyspraxia, developmental delay, and many other developmental challenges.

She is eager to share her extensive knowledge with families who are working so hard to help their children achieve good level in attention, listening, concentration, speech, language and learning. Ms O’Connor reports that this seminar has the power to change the way parents understand and work with their children so that they can achieve their full potential.

The seminar will help families to understand what is causing their child’s speech, language and learning challenges, the most effective ways of treating each child, and how to help their children achieve their full potential in the shortest period of time.

This seminar is ideal for parents and other professionals working with children with speech, language, learning, and other developmental challenges.

The seminar runs for two hours from 7pm to 9pm and the cost is €15.

Contact Fidelma on 091 480 273 or by email: [email protected] to book a place.


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