For the ultimate relaxation enjoy a natural face lift massage

To soothe away the stresses of the day, while improving your complexion at the same time, make an appointment with professional holistic therapist Tara McDonald, who works from Castlebar beauty salon Demure.

The treatment will leave you totally relaxed and tension free as the therapy frees constrictions within the facial muscles and the connective tissues. Ms McDonald is extremely friendly in her approach throughout the hour long session, and using only her hands, she uses specific techniques which target acupressure and facial reflexology points which reduces tension in muscles leaving the face completely loosened.

During the treatment it is hard not to drift off to sleep as every bit of tension in the face is released leaving you in a state of sheer relaxation. This treatment would be highly recommended for those who suffer with tension headaches or sinus related problems as the pressure in the face, nose, and head from such conditions are slowly released during this treatment.

A head, neck, and shoulder massage are also incorporated into the soothing treatment, which enhances your overall well-being, however, the main benefit of this massage is the amazing glow your complexion will have. Immediately you will notice that your skin tone is improved, that any lines on the face are smoothed out, and ultimately the skin is lifted. To ensure that you continue to visibly look better a series of treatments would be recommended.

Demure is situated in the centre of town, at Humbert Mall, and there is ample convenient parking available in the nearby Castle Street Car Park.

You can make an appointment with Tara McDonald at Demure, Humbert Mall, Castlebar on 086 203 5701.


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