The Chinese State Circus is coming to Castlebar on Monday

Recognised as the world’s greatest acrobatic circus, the action-packed Chinese State Circus show Yin Yang is the embodiment of a traditional art form which can trace its history back more than 2,000 years. This stunning production lives and breathes with the enthusiasm of its acrobatic artistes, whose whole lives centre around their skills. The result is the purest, most honest, most abiding and exhilarating people circus that is a true privilege to see. From the very beginning, it is non-stop entertainment, consisting of very impressive human abilities, tricks, and skills. And it will be at the Royal Theatre, Castlebar, on Monday, April 15, for a show starting at 8pm.

China’s greatest circus features the most daring, breath-taking, and thrilling artistes to tour the world, including an appearance of the formidable Shaolin Master known as ‘The One’, sourced specifically by director Philip Gandey.

Witness acrobats defying gravity as the ancient discipline ‘Icarian Games’ returns to centre stage. This act, rarely seen in circus arts, is steeped in tradition and is a remarkable display of human juggling, where the human body becomes catapult and catcher in an elaborate, explosive and highly choreographed presentation of power, poise, and agility.

The show also features the amazing legendary ‘Bicycle Act’, thrilling audiences while 12 artistes manoeuvre onto a single bicycle. Tickets cost €27.20, €22.50, or €80 for a family, for more information see or call 094 9023111.



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