Woman assaulted her relation at traffic lights

A married woman admitted at Ballina District Court this week to assaulting another female as their cars were stationary at traffic lights.

Garda Jude Gallagher told the court that on June 26 2012 two women called to Ballina Garda Station.

Lorena Collins, 4 Culgara, Teeling Street, Ballina acted in an irate manner. According to Garda Gallagher Collins rang the bell continuously at the desk in order to speak to the garda. The garda told her to calm down. Regina Collins was also present in the Garda station.

Garda Gallagher investigated the incident by talking to witnesses. Regina was in her car on Bury Street at traffic lights when the defendant, who was in the car behind with her, exited her car while the lights were red and attacked Regina by pulling her hair. Collins was pushed away by the injured party. Both cars remained stationary as the lights turned green. A detective happened to observe the incident and saw the defendant out of her car roaring and shouting.

Solicitor Peter Loftus said that his client is adamant that she was called up to the car in front. He said that there is an ongoing dispute between the two families.

The 20-year-old has no previous convictions.

Judge Mary Devins asked the superintendent if there is still an ongoing feud between to the two families. Superintendent Pat McHugh told the judge that in the last three to four months that there has been “harmony”.

Judge Devins adjourned the case for sentencing to November 12 2013.


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