Probation report ordered on man who trespassed into girls’ accommodation block

A probation report was ordered on Nathan Dooner, Lislea Cottage, Aughboy, Killoe, Co Longford, who pleaded guilty to a charge of trespassing at an adventure centre where he was a trainee, at Castlebar District Court this week.

The facts of the case were given to the court by Garda Sgt Sean Cunnane who said that at 6.10am on May 21 2011 he got a call to the station outlining an incident at the Horizon Adventure Centre in Killawalla, which is located between Partry and Westport. Dooner had been socialising the night before in a local pub, before returning to his accommodation at the centre.

Sgt Cunnane told the court that the centre takes in a number of male and female trainees each year and there is separate male and female accommodation in cottages on site.

At 1.30am on the night in question Dooner made his way into the female accommodation and into the bedroom of two girls, who woke up and got him out of their room and the accommodation.

Sgt Cunnane went on to say that between 4am and 4.30am Dooner went back to the girls’ accommodation and into one of the rooms which had two girls in it. One of the girls woke up and tried to wake the other girl, but she was unable initially. She could then feel Dooner breathing on her hair and she screamed, waking up her room-mate and another girl in another room and they succeeded in getting Dooner out of the accommodation, they then contacted the management of the centre who put Dooner in another room in the centre and contacted the Gardaí about the incident.

Sgt Cunnane also told the court that Dooner had a previous conviction for a similar incident in 2010, when he was given probation when he broke into a house and the owners heard him break in and went to investigate and found him asleep in a child’s bedroom in the house. He was awoken and ran off but was identified by the people a few days later. Judge Mary Devins asked for a probation report to be complied on Dooner before she makes her final decision and adjourned the case to April 16 for the report to be compiled.


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