Bonniconlon man admits biting garda

A Bonniconlon man was before Ballina District Court on Tuesday in relation to two assaults on gardaí. The 21-year-old admitted biting one garda, however he denied hitting another garda in the nose.

Gardaí were called by Michael Jordan to his family home on November 24 2012 as there was a disturbance in the home involving his son, Darren Jordan, Carra, Bonniconlon, Ballina. Garda Aidan Brennan and Garda Peter Kearns arrived at the house at 8.15pm where they were met by Michael Jordon who told them that his son had calmed down. The gardaí entered the house to speak to Darren. Garda Kearns told the court that the defendant emerged from a room, carrying his two-year-old son in his arms, and with his fist clenched Jordan punched the garda in his nose with his right hand. Garda Kearns said that Jordan put down the child after the assault and Garda Brennan restrained him. Garda Kearns said he observed Jordon bite Garda Brennan on the arm.

Garda Brennan told the court that he saw Darren Jordan punch Garda Kearns, while Jordan had his son in his left arm. Garda Brennan said that he restrained him by holding his hands out in front of him and Jordon bit him on the right hand, at the knuckle.

The brother of Jordan looked after the child during the incident.

Both gardaí said that Jordan tried to resist being restrained and they held him on the floor and tried to prevent him from kicking out. The gardaí called for assistance and another garda came to the scene. The defendant was arrested at 8.30pm.

Michael Jordan, prosecuting witness, said that he did not see either assault and said that the child was not in the defendant’s arms. He said that his son was annoyed that the gardaí were there and did push out towards them with his open hands. The father said that he did help to restrain Darren Jordan and assisted in the arrest.

The defendant told the court that he did bite Garda Kearns as he thought the garda was going to choke him when he was being restrained. He said that he did not have the child in his arms and denied punching Garda Brennan. Jordan said that he may have hit the garda by mistake as he pushed out towards the gardaí as he did not know why they were in the house. He said that the gardaí had no paperwork in their hands, he thought it was a search, and told them to get out.

Judge Mary Devins said she will consider the alleged assault on Garda Kearns and adjourned the case for a decision to March 26.


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