What is natural face lift massage?

Champissage, also known as Indian head massage, is a natural holistic treatment pioneered by Mrs Kundan Mehta of the London Centre of Indian Intl.

Kundam Mehta is the author of the book The Face Lift Massage. The treatment is drawn from Ayurveda and incorporates specific acupressure and facial reflexology points.

A face lift massage uses only the therapists hands, no oils are required. The treatment is very relaxing and lasts approximately one hour. During this time the therapist will use a combination of techniques to relax, lift, tone, and strengthen the facial muscles, helping to prevent skin sagging and lines. The treatment smoothes away facial expressions and provides a lifting effect on the skin.

When taken as a course natural face lift massage can gently improve the re-generation of your skin. However, taken on its own, it will leave you feeling calm and totally relaxed.

Benefits of the massage: lessens wrinkles and expression lines; releases stress and tension of the surrounding muscles; relaxed face and vibrant expression; toned and improved complexion; enhances a feeling of wellbeing; promotes total relaxation; excellent for tension headaches, eyestrain and stress related symptoms, a natural alternative to Botox or surgery.

This treatment is available now from Tara McDonald. The cost of the one hour treatment is €30. Other therapies offered by Tara are reflexology and reiki.

Tara McDonald is located in Demure, 4 Humber Mall, Castlebar. For bookings call 086 203 5701.


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