Empowering ourselves with mindfulness

Rachel Sweetman, hakomi psychotherapist, runs very popular ongoing certified courses in Mindfulness and Loving Presence in Ballina. People come for one or many courses to develop their practice, and their sense of inner wellbeing. Her next 10 week course starts on Tuesday February 5 in The Downhill House Hotel, Ballina from 6.45pm to 9.30pm.

Mindfulness is an empowering practice of self awareness and compassionate presence. To bring change into our lives, we need to change ourselves. We can't change ourselves until we become aware of what is directing us on the inside, in our unconscious.

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer is the course book this time. When we tap into the creative energy of life, going beyond our limited thinking and fearful egos we can discover how much more is possible. We can become more empowered to be creative with our lives, and to become more fulfilled. The practice of Mindfulness enables us to connect with the deeper, inner level of being, which supports this creative process, and frees up our potential, helping us to become what we want to become.

Rachel has 26 years of full time experience in private practice, in Dublin and Mayo, with individuals and groups.

For more info or fliers or to make appointments contact Rachel on 087 9605 639 before 8pm.

Rachel is married to the artist, Chris Doris who has an MA in mindfulness based psychotherapy.

He can be contacted on 087 256 6178. The first consultation with him is free of charge.


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