Get the points with Tutor Doctor

If you are studying for your leaving cert and feel the pressure getting to you at this stage, don’t worry. Tutor Doctor is at hand. You can sign up for an agreed amount of teaching hours with Tutor Doctor for a range of different subjects, depending on where you require that extra bit of help.

Sandra was delighted to get 585 points in her exams last year and she puts her success down to hard work, planning and Tutor Doctor.

“I called Carmel at Tutor Doctor in September 2011. Carmel discussed with me and my parents exactly what we needed and what our expectations were. Between us we came up with a plan and signed up for 60 hours tuition. I got tuition in a number of different subjects. Carmel was with us all the way, ensuring that we were happy and that everything was working well. The tutors she assigned to me were wonderful. They really knew their stuff and were so committed to helping me in every way possible.”

Shane wouldn’t have gotten the points he needed without the help of Tutor Doctor. According to his mother he is bright and worked hard but needed a little extra help. “I contacted Carmel at Tutor Doctor to see if I could arrange some extra help for him. Carmel provided tutors in a number of different subjects. The subjects Shane wanted tuition in changed during the year and Carmel managed to source a great tutor every time. She did everything she could to help at all times and I am very grateful for this. The tuition really paid off and Shane got exactly what he wanted,” according to Sharon (Shane’s mother ).

For more information call 087 967 9596 or contact [email protected]


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