Survey reveals winter months affect digestive wellbeing for many

Women across the world admit that seasonal changes in eating habits can affect their digestive wellbeing, according to a recent survey carried out by Danone and released for the global World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO ) Love Your Tummy campaign.

Seventeen per cent of women questioned said they experience changes to their digestive comfort during the winter months because they consume heavier meals. In contrast, just seven per cent of women surveyed said their digestive wellbeing was affected during summer.

The survey showed that 71 per cent of Irish people experience digestive discomfort after excessive indulgence with many Irish people surveyed noticing a change to their digestive wellbeing following the weekend, while over-indulging during Christmas leaves 21 per cent of Irish people suffering the consequences.

Professor Eamonn Quigley MD, chairman of the WGO Foundation Board, and one of the campaign co-chairs for the international Love Your Tummy campaign commented, “It is important to remember that over-indulgence in food and drink puts a strain on our body that can leave us feeling bloated or having excess flatulence. This is particularly apparent during the seasonal celebrations when we are naturally tempted to eat and drink too much and also to consume items (such as very fatty foods ) that they do not usually eat. However, by making a few simple diet and lifestyle changes, digestive well-being can be improved.”

Professor Quigley continues; “Try to eat smaller and more frequent meals without increasing your overall calorie intake, drink two litres of water per day, consume fermented dairy products and decrease or limit your intake of caffeinated drinks, alcoholic and sugar-rich beverages will also help digestive health. Reducing stress and keeping active are also important to avoid digestive upsets.”

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