Brighten up your smile with safe teeth whitening

At the ISHSKO Centre, Westport, the dentistry practice uses the safe White By Light system, which can give you a whiter smile while also reducing harmful bacteria in your mouth.

The centre, which is located at Barrack Yard, off James Street, is the first dedicated dental centre in Ireland that combines biological dentistry with health diagnostics and detoxification support therapies under one roof. The services provided include mercury filling removal, photon-wave light therapy, autonomic response therapy, detox packages, massage, dietary advice, and nutritional remedies. Anti-anxiety treatment options, such as mental freedom therapy and psychological kinesiology, are also available.

As part of the extensive dentistry procedures on offer, teeth whitening which uses The White By Light system, produces high-intensity blue/violet/infrared light wave lengths that are two to eight times more effective than other teeth whitening systems.

The dentist creates a gel mould of your teeth before whitening gel is placed in the mould which is then inserted in the mouth. The White By Light system is placed directly at the entrance to the mouth. As you comfortably relax for 10 minutes, the wavelength frequency accelerates the oxidation process to achieve whiter teeth. There is no pain during the process and there is no sense of heat from the blue violet and infrared light, in fact the gel is cooling in the mouth. The mould is taken out and gel is once again reinserted before the White By Light system is again used for 10 minutes. The whole process is then repeated for a final time, after which your teeth should be a few shades whiter.

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