Sleeping Beauty to be staged in Crossmolina

Fairy Godmothers - Flora (Jamie Timlin), Fauna (Dessie Moyles), MerryWeather (Kevin O'Brien)

Fairy Godmothers - Flora (Jamie Timlin), Fauna (Dessie Moyles), MerryWeather (Kevin O'Brien)

Once upon a time a beautiful princess, Aurora (Barbara Hopkins ), was born to loving parents, King Stefan (Sean Keary ) and Queen Clara (Nicola Hopkins ). It was arranged at her christening that she would be promised in marriage to Prince Philip (Francis Gilroy ), son of King Hubert (John Cooney ), and raised by the Royal Nanny (Marcella Connor ).

The princess was blessed on her christening with very special gifts from her three Fairy Godmothers, Flora (Jamie Timlin ), Fauna (Dessie Moyles ) and Merry Weather (Kevin O’Brien ). However, the day was ruined by the arrival of the Evil Fairy, Malificent (Kay Loftus ), who put a curse on the child that she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel before her 18th birthday.

Malificent has sent her spies (Danny McDonnell and Marian Howley ) into the woods to find Aurora. Will the Big Bad Wolf (Ian Callaghan ) find the courage he needs to help the goodies, or will the baddies be the winners this time? Will Aurora find her Prince Philip, or will she be put into a never-ending sleep?

Written by Thomas O’Leary, directed by Maureen Timlin, and produced by Crossmolina Community Festival. It will be staged at Crossmolina Parish Hall on Friday January 11 at 8pm; Saturday January 12 at 8.30pm, and the Sunday matinee on January 13 at 4.30pm. Tickets €10 adults; €5 children.


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