Growth of project management certification and education

The growing demand for project management has spawned a great increase in the need for project management education, certification and training.

Even though employment continues to fluctuate, not only are project management professionals in strong demand, but organisations are increasingly recognising the value of professionally accredited project managers.

The education requirement in Ireland has become a lot more crystallised as the country enters its fifth year of austerity.

The market focus is on programmes delivered by proven experts with established track records for excellence, that offer internationally recognised accreditation.

Individuals and organisations, when investing in education and training, want to be sure that the resulting credentials acquired are transportable and globally recognised. Furthermore, they wish to be able to demonstrate application and not just the acquisition of knowledge.

The widespread promotion and popularity of project management certifications have led to a huge demand for project management training aimed at helping prepare candidates for those examinations and qualifications. This market is led in Ireland by IPMA with in excess of 2,500 certified professionals.

Why not join this elite group by participating in the Institute of Project Management’s Certified Project Management Diploma ( ) commencing Galway on February 21 2013.


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