Mayo Intercultural Action hit out at doubling of immigration fees

The introduction of a 100 per cent increase in the fees for the immigration certificate of registration for Non-EEA nationals, has been criticised by Mayo Intercultural Action (MIA ).

The group said this week: “The certificate, also known as GNIB card, is issued by the immigration officer to a migrant person who is obliged to register with the Garda Siochána and renew the certificate on a regular basis. The fee for issuing the plastic card introduced was €100, later it was increased to €150, and this month the charge increased to €300. The news is a sudden shock to the non-EEA migrants who have to bear these regular costs of maintenance of their Status in the state. An isolated, literally voiceless, part of our society is least able to articulate their hardship and to challenge the illegitimately high fees. During this period of recession migrants feel they are limited in how they can defend themselves. The vulnerable position of migrants makes it possible for the Government to introduce a 100 per cent increase in the service fees for them, a service that takes approximately 15 minutes to administer and issue the plastic card. Mayo Intercultural Action is outraged with the change in the fee increase for certificate of registration and calls on the Government to reevaluate its attitude to this socially excluded group within society.”



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