Laser hair removal and red vein treatment

Laser hair removal is where an area of hair on the body or face is treated with a laser beam—it is an intensively concentrated beam of light.

Laser hair removal works really effectively on darker hairs to stop hair growth. Many different areas can be treated and a patch test and consultation are required before beginning treatment. Medical grade lasers are used in Bella Beauty in Ballina.

This treatment is perfect to start during the winter months as the treatment is undertaken every four to six weeks and works best when the client is not exposed to the sun. A typical treatment course can be anything from six to 15 sessions. Every person is different but with medical grade laser treatments most clients will see a significant reduction in hair growth after two sessions.

These treatments have become much more affordable in recent years and the salon does offer payment plans. Treatments starts from as little as €120 for a course of six. A consultation and patch test are required and is free of charge.

Thread vein removal is another treatment that Bella Beauty offers. Bella Beauty offers permanent red vein elimination through the use of laser treatments where the veins are broken down and absorbed back into the body. This treatment is short and in most cases results can be seen instantly. The treatment is best undertaken in the winter months as it can slightly bruise the skin. Treatments start from as little as €20 and can be undertaken after a patch test. Contact the salon for a patch test and free consultation on 096 77391.


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