Irish Massage Therapist Association

The IMTA was founded in 1990 and is one of the most respected associations in the field of complementary healthcare in Ireland today. It promotes and encourages high standards in training, education, and the practice in the massage therapy profession. It is an Irish-based association promoting and assisting Irish therapists in every aspect of their professional practice.

The IMTA is recognised by the Department of Health as the national association for massage/bodywork therapists. They pride themselves on protecting members’ interests with a supportive, professional approach, while at the same time, providing the general public with access to highly qualified, professional therapists.

All its registered therapists hold a recognised professional qualification in massage therapy and strive to constantly update their skills. Each member agrees to abide by a code of ethics to help safeguard the client.

Massage treatments benefit the body and mind in a variety of ways. In response to these treatments, specific physiological, emotional, and chemical changes cascade throughout the body, with profound effects, including:

Reduced stress and improved energy levels; released tight, knotted muscles; improved circulation and muscle tone and elimination of toxins; increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells; increased range of joint motion and flexibility; strengthened immune system; reduced blood pressure and chronic pain; aligned and balanced energy; enhanced body self-healing abilities and increased sense of calm, balance and harmony.

People of all ages go for massage. Many come to take time out for themselves, for general relaxation, and to help reduce muscle tension. Whatever your reason for having a massage you will be amazed at how well you feel after it.

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