Ballina residents give undertaking not to engage in anti-social behaviour

Two members of the same family gave an undertaking at Ballina District Court on Tuesday to not engage in anti-social behaviour.

At Tuesday’s court, Superintendent Joe Doherty made an application under the Criminal Justice Act 2006, Section 115 for a Civil Order against Ann Collins 124 Greenhills Estate, Ballina and James Collins 68 Riverside Drive, Ballina prohibiting them from engaging in anti-social behaviour.

The application was made following numerous complaints from residents in both estates, which resulted in three anti-social behaviour warnings being issued to the Collinses by gardaí, however these warnings were not adhered to. This is the first time that this type of application has been made by gardaí.

An adjournment was sought and Judge Mary Devins said that the application will be dealt with on October 9.

The defendants both gave undertakings on oath. Anne Collins gave an undertaking to not engage in anti-social behaviour; to not allow people to drink or act disorderly on her property; to not play loud music from her house or from any vehicle parked on the premises, and to not have any house parties.

James Collins gave an undertaking to not engage in anti-social behaviour; for there to be no drinking or disorderly conduct on the premises; to not play loud music; to not shout at or threaten neighbours; to not sit in the car revving the engine; to not have any house parties and to not urinate in neighbours gardens.


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