River Deel Flood Relief Scheme invites public comments

Ryan Hanley, in association with McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan, has been appointed by the Office of Public Works to carry out an environmental impact assessment of the proposed River Deel (Crossmolina ) Flood Relief Scheme. A public consultation will be held at Crossmolina Town Hall today (Friday ), September 14, from 4pm to 8pm at which members of the public are invited to give their comments.

The first stage of this work is to prepare a constraints study which will identify the key environmental issues in the study area that may be impacted upon by possible flood alleviation measures and/or which may impose constraints on the viability and/or design of these measures. In advance of the preparation of a full engineering study (which is currently also under way ), it is not possible at this point to say exactly what flood alleviation measures will be proposed as part of the flood relief scheme, however the range of flood measures typically considered include: do nothing (ie, no new flood alleviation measures ), non structural measures (eg, flood warning system, property protection, etc ), relocation of properties and/or infrastructure or reconstruction to a higher level, flow diversion, flow reduction, eg, catchment management or storage system, flood containment through construction of flood defences, increased conveyance, sediment management or use of pumps behind defences.

The project team welcomes any comments in relation to the proposed scheme and particularly in relation to any relevant environmental issues that may be impacted upon by a potential flood relief scheme.

The public can give their comments at today’s public consultation, alternatively they can submit comments in writing to Corina Colleran, McCarthy Keville O’Sullivan Ltd. Block 1, GFSC, Moneenageisha Road, Galway, or [email protected]

A second public consultation will take place early next year during the preparation of the environmental impact statement for the scheme, at which stage further details of the engineering measures proposed will be available. The public will be given a further opportunity to comment at this stage.


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