Councillors vote to cut off funding to Nephin Valley group water scheme

The elected members of the Castlebar Electoral Area Committee have directed Mayo County Council to stop all funding to Nephin Valley group water scheme. The decision came after the Nephin Valley scheme sought a €900 contribution per house from another scheme, the Derrymartin Group Water Scheme, to which it has been connected. The new Derrymartin scheme had been installed and laid by Mayo County Council and all connections made, but the water has not been turned on by the Nephin Valley side who wanted a €900 per house contribution for the scheme.

Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne told the meeting: “Mayo County Council has done everything they can, they have put in all the work, but Nephin Valley want €900 to give water to their neighbours. It’s ransom money they are looking for”. Cllr Kilcoyne proposed that Mayo County Council stop all funding to the Nephin Valley scheme until they are able to come to an agreement. He was seconded by Cllr Blackie Gavin and supported by the other members.

Director of services for Mayo County Council Seamus Granahan noted the vote but informed the members that the council may not be able to do it as the funding was paid by a central government department. He also told the meeting there was a recent meeting held between the parties and the Irish Federation of Group Water Schemes, where it was hoped a deal would be reached, but none had.



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