Relaxing in action with mindfulness

A new series of certified mindfulness and loving presence courses starts on September 25, led by Rachel Sweetman, hakomi psychotherapist.

Mindfulness is an awareness practice borrowed from Buddhism, and now practised in many different disciplines from sport to education, as well as personal development, to increase ease, effectiveness and fulfilment.

Rachel is offering a free open night introduction on September 18 at 7pm, in The Downhill House Hotel, Ballina where the course is held. She describes how through mindfulness we can become more fully present to our lives, by training our minds to let go of the continuous preoccupation with past and future.

The coursebook is The Art of Effortless Living by Ingrid Bacchi. It focuses on how we can let go of our “cultural addiction” to efforting, struggling and stressing, which relates to the egos fearful need for control.

Through mindfulness we can relax and become calm, quieten the mind, and align ourselves with the deeper level of being, where we can connect with our intuition and inner wisdom.

The course is from 6.45pm to 9.30pm and runs for 10 weeks. The cost is €195 to €255, payable weekly at €20 to €25.

Rachel has 26 years of experience in fulltime practice, in Dublin and Mayo, working with individuals, couples and groups. Her husband, artist Chris Doris, is also fully trained as a mindfulness psychotherapist. His number is 087 256 6178.

For more details contact Rachel on 087 960 5639, Monday to Friday before 8pm.



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