Laser and skin treatment practice in Ballina

Mayo Derma-Lase Clinic is a new Laser and Skin treatment medical practice based in Ballina, managed by Selene Daly. Selene is an experienced dermatology specialist with almost 10 years clinical experience in a medical environment.

She can provide professional medically-based skin and cosmetic treatments all under one roof in Garden Court, just around the corner from Molloy's Pharmacy and next door to Dr Meehan's GP practice.

Mayo Derma-Lase Clinic's medical IPL laser equipment has been carefully chosen and has been proven to give outstanding results in treating visible skin imperfections. It has been successfully used in professional clinics internationally, including the Blackrock Clinic.

IPL laser therapy effectively treats unwanted hair growth, sun spots, spider veins and rosacea. The treatment is quick with no subsequent downtime. The clinic's equipment is quite different from simpler IPLs which are specifically designed for non-medical outlets, from which results may often be less than favourable if used without appropriate dermatology training.

Medical peels and anti-wrinkle injectables are always in high demand. The clinic uses the exclusive Skinceuticals skincare products which contain pure pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Previously available only to cosmetic / plastic surgeons, these are now available in the west.

Dermal fillers are available in the clinic at any time while anti-wrinkle injectables are pre-arranged for a specific day every two or three weeks. These are administered by a leading Irish medical physician with over 10 years registered experience in cosmetic medicine. Appointments are pre-booked and are timed at 30 minute intervals. The clinic's services are available to both women and men. Call Selene at 087 166 4900 for appointment.


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