New RTÉ Two hidden camera show seeks participants

Do you enjoy a good laugh? Maybe you would like to wind up a mate, sibling, boyfriend or girlfriend? Perhaps you are seeking a spot of good humoured revenge on someone who has ‘got you’ in the past? Or maybe you would just relish the idea of someone close to you experiencing the joy of being stitched up on TV? Well, if the answer to one of the above is ‘yes’, this might be for you.

The makers of Anonymous are once again taking out their hidden cameras and setting up some unsuspecting folk for the nation’s viewing pleasure. This time round they have ditched the masks, and are out to wind up some members of the public… and they are looking for a bunch of good natured souls to set up.

It is all a bit top secret at the moment, but the bottom line is that they are looking for people to nominate their friends or family members as unknowing participants on a show that will be very funny indeed.

If you have someone in mind email [email protected], tell them why you think your nominee would be the perfect person to set up, and the more information you can give the better. The key thing is not to tell the person that you are putting him/her forward.

And rest assured, everyone that is set up has the right to refuse permission to broadcast.



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