Lose weight with the Cambridge Diet

Anne Tobin has been a Cambridge Diet counsellor since 1988 and achieved counsellor of the year for the British Isles in 2001.

Millions of people in the world have successfully lost weight with the Cambridge Diet and have kept it off. Why not join them? Lose 14 pounds in two weeks.

Together you and your consultant will create a successful weight loss programme to suit your needs in a private consultation. A series of flexible eating programmes will be offered.

Also available at the Anne Tobin Allergy Clinic, is allergy testing. Common symptoms associated with food allergy/intolerance include: fatigue, bloating, IBS, diarrhoea/constipation, headaches, skin complaints, joint problems, sinus/catarrh.

By using a simple, painless test, the allergy therapist will be able to pin point potentially harmful foods that could be causing your symptoms. Over 120 substances which include common foods and drinks are tested during their consultation.

A consultation with the therapist takes approximately 90 minutes and the results are instantaneous. At Anne Tobin’s, they believe that an essential part of the test is to provide nutritional advice and counselling geared to the client’s circumstances and needs.

The cost of the test is €100 which includes follow up consultations and advice to ensure you gain the best relief from your symptoms.

The Anne Tobin Clinic is located at Unit 14C, N5 Business Park, Moneen, Castlebar, Co Mayo. 094 902 3000.

Anne Tobin offers free parking and a lift in more ways than one!



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