Clúid makes a firm commitment to deliver homes to those in desperate need in Mayo

Clúid Housing Association launched its 2011 annual report. The report highlights Clúid’s mission and commitment to deliver homes to those in dire need. To date Clúid has delivered 117 homes in Mayo.

Clúid’s regional director in Mayo, Mick Concannon said: “Clúid has delivered 117 homes to individuals and families in Mayo and there is a lot more work to do. Despite a challenging environment and a dramatic cutback in public funding, Clúid has found that the key to delivering these homes is through innovative schemes and this is a theme we are eager to continue.”

One such project, launched nationally last week was the Mortgage to Rent scheme, which will help people who are facing repossession to stay in their home. Under the scheme, the home is bought by a housing association such as Clúid and the family stays in their home as a tenant, paying an affordable rent to the housing association. Clúid was involved in the design and piloting of Mortgage to Rent and believes that the scheme could rescue up to 3,500 households on the brink of losing their home.

Mick added: “It is pioneering schemes like this that will meet housing need in Ireland. With 2,764 households on social housing waiting lists in Mayo county and a further 702 in Ballina, many of us know of a family member or a friend in dire need of a home. Despite all the challenges, our staff have never been more determined to deliver good-quality, affordable housing to those who need it.”

The Government’s Housing Policy Statement, published in June 2011, set housing associations at the heart of the delivery of social housing. Clúid’s report shares some of the innovative and successful projects that Clúid’s dedicated staff have been working on in Mayo and across the country. One such project, a feature story in Clúid’s annual report, is the regeneration scheme in Ballina.

Clúid’s report can be viewed and downloaded now at


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