Gavin calls for Castlebar NCT centre  

A call for the location of an additional NCT vehicle test centre in Castlebar has been made by Fianna Fail councillor, Blackie Gavin. He said that it made no sense that the county town of Mayo, the location of all major public services, should not have a dedicated NCT test centre.

Cllr. Gavin said that Castlebar was the biggest town in the county, with the biggest population catchment, yet car owners were obliged to travel to Westport to have their cars tested under NCT regulations. "Apart from the cost and the inconvenience involved, it means also that where a fault is found with a vehicle on the initial inspection, the motorist has then to return to his garage in Castlebar to carry out the required repairs, and then repeat the journey to Westport for a second inspection", he said.

Cllr Gavin also said that for the hundreds of people who visit Castlebar each day to conduct business, locating an NCT centre in the county town made for commonsense. "Hundreds of people from all over the county travel to Castlebar each day to visit hospitals, the courts, to attend third level, to visit government and county council offices, for shopping, for entertainment and leisure and sports events," he went on. "Surely on the grounds of convenience, and to save them unnecessary cost, it should be possible for them to have the option of having their vehicles tested under the NCT at a location in Castlebar."

Cllr Gavin said he would press the Department of the Environment to review the current situation with a view to having an additional NCT centre located in Castlebar.




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