Cutting edge Quantum Series light therapy is now available at the ISHSKO Centre

Destress and revitalise with these June offers

The Avalon Effect is the effect our body gets when it is exposed to natural light and energy vibrations from the Quantum Series light therapy system; which in turn helps to stimulate the body’s natural and innate ability to heal itself.

The Quantum Series uses light therapy to increase circulation, reduce pain, promote cell regeneration, speed up the healing process, stimulate the release of ATP and nitric oxide, and detoxify the system.

The Quantum Series is an FDA cleared medical device. The Quantum Series is cleared for reducing pain and increasing circulation. It is highly effective for treatment of skin conditions, alopecia, chronic back pain, diabetic ulcers, anxiety disorders, detoxification, IBS, etc.

During June, the centre is offering a 20 per cent discount on the Quantum Series light therapy during June: first session €20; single session €35; four sessions €140; and eight sessions €250. For bookings contact 098 26200.

The ISHKSO Centre also offers White by Light tooth whitening, which uses the Avalon effect (non peroxide/non fluoride ). Full arch is available for only €120.

Aside from the following contraindications, most people can use light therapy safely with the potential for many health benefits. Light therapy is contraindicated for the womb of a pregnant woman, localised skin cancer sites, epilepsy or history of seizures, and those on light sensitive medications. For more information visit

For appointments call The ISHSKO Centre, Barrack Yard, Westport, on 098 26200.


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