Free talk in Ballina about inner freedom

A highly experienced therapist and meditation teacher is touring Ireland in June. Marguerite Byrne left Ireland 42 years ago and has worked in the UK with children with special learning difficulties as well as with gifted children. She has a deep interest in spirituality and shares her insights with lightness and humour.

Marguerite Byrne acknowledges that in today’s world our lives have become very complicated. We are bombarded by an endless stream of information and influence ranging from our relationships to the weather. Sometimes we feel as if our true self is stifled and we cannot realise our potential. We often become a prisoner of the past and find it difficult to move forward with our lives. How can I think clearly and make positive choices that will make me happy and also help others around me? How can I experience that true inner freedom and self respect, no matter what? How can I begin to be my true self?

Marguerite Byrne will explore the power of the mind and how to use our thoughts in a way that brings energy and lightness. She will help us unlock the door to inner freedom — a state of mind that can help us to move through the world with ease and integrity.

Join Margaret Byrne at the Downhill House Hotel, Ballina, on Wednesday June 6 from 7.30pm to 9pm. Contact Bill Downey on 086 335 7277.


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