Auctioneer licencing no longer the remit of district courts

Notification has been issued from Castlebar District Court this week that the licensing of auctioneers and house agents will no longer be carried out by the Courts Service and Revenue Commissioners but will come under the remit of the newly established Property Services Regulation Authority.

This follows receipt of a notice to the Courts Service from Tom Lynch, chief executive of the new Property Services Regulation Authority, as follows:

“The Minister for Justice and Equality, by order under the Property Services (Regulation ) Act 2011, established the Authority on a statutory basis on 3 April 2012.

“One of the main functions of the authority is the licensing of property services providers (ie, auctioneers/estate agents, letting agents and management agents ). it will take over the licensing of auctioneers/estate agents and letting agents from the Courts and Revenue Commissioners and also licence, for the first time, management agents.

“Before it can commence its work the authority has, with the consent of the Minister for Justice and Equality, to make a number of regulations.

“Already the regulations necessary for the introduction of the new licensing system have been approved by the authority and forwarded to the Minister for his consideration and agreement. I would be confident that if these regulations meet with his approval he will give his consent without delay.

“While it is, of course, a matter for the Minister to make the necessary order for the commencement of the statutory provisions to enable the authority to commence licensing, I would be confident that the authority will be in a position to take over the licensing from the Revenue Commissioners with effect from the commencement of the 2012/2013 licensing year.

“I am conscious that the current licensing period for auctioneers/estate agents and letting agents terminates on July 5 2012 and that persons renewing their licences under the existing system, normally at this time of year, have a number of matters to address well in advance of the renewal date. However, once the authority takes over the licensing function all of the existing requirements will become redundant.

“I would reiterate that I am confident that the authority will be in a position to take over the licensing function with effect from July 6 2012. It is also proposed to introduce the new licensing regime for management agents with effect from that date.”

In accordance with the above notice, Castlebar District Court is now requesting that no applications for renewals of auctioneer/estate agents licensing be submitted to its office.

Further information and licence application forms available at nsf/page/index-en


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