Mayo County Council use pilot CCTV scheme to catch boy racers

Mayo County Council is turning to CCTV in a partnership to stamp out the scourge of boy racers doing doughnuts on public roads endangering their lives and the lives of others. The CCTV cameras are placed with signage at known locations where this behaviour is taking place and the video footage with the offenders on it is forwarded to the gardai, , according to Noel Gibbons road safety officer, who stated:

“Residents say that their lives have been turned into ‘a living nightmare’ by the young nuisance drivers racing, skidding, honking horns, flashing lights and blaring loud music. Local residents fear someone will be killed or injured unless they stop.

“While the tyre marks are vandalising public property, the dangers posed are of much more concern. There is also an issue of parental responsibility and I would appeal directly to the parents of these drivers to stop turning a blind eye to what’s going on and not to allow their son or daughter who is engaging in this behaviour access to a vehicle . Thirty-eight per cent of those killed on our roads last year were under 25 years of age. We want young people to be aware of their speed, and our message is if you must speed take it on to a race track. There is also the fear that these cars could get a blowout on their way home after doing these doughnuts on the road”

Western Region Traffic Superintendent Martin Curley added: “Our focus is very much on antisocial behaviour and dealing with the issues that make peoples' lives miserable. Another problem gardai face is the reluctance of local residents to report this type of driving, We are asking people to report these things but if they rely on other people and don't do it themselves the problem will continue. The more reports we receive the more we can do something about it.”

Members of the public can report traffic-related incidents using the Traffic Watch lo-call number 1890 205 805.



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