Mind Your Mind – Mental Health Matters

Young people and their families are being encouraged to look after their mental well-being and break the cycle of stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide in Mayo.

A group of young people and dedicated campaigners took to the streets, recently to promote positive mental health and raise awareness about the Mind Your Mind-Youth Mental Health Campaign in Ballina. The team distributed information leaflets as well as free hugs, free lollipops and stickers on the day.

The campaign was launched last September by 21-year-old June Devaney, has since developed into a team of committed people with a passion to reform how young people learn and think about their mental health.

June said: “Many people who are facing a crisis or are living with a mental health issue, do not speak to others about their feelings. The fear of being judged, ridiculed, stigmatised and in many cases rejected, is a paralysing worry for some people. Many will not seek help as a result of this, which can lead to their mental health deteriorating, thus putting them at high risk. Mind Your Mind aims to reach young people before they get to this point, by empowering them to look after their mental well-being, reducing stigma and encouraging them to reach out before things seem insurmountable.”

Members of the public interested in obtaining further information on the Mind Your Mind Campaign should contact the MYM team at [email protected] or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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