Colour your hair with Naturigin organic hair colour

For women hair can be both the most important aspect of their appearance and also the most frustrating. With more and more women going back into the workforce out of necessity, priorities are changing rapidly, and research has shown that Irish women are very good at adapting to new circumstances.

Catriona Coyle, agent for Naturigin Organic Hair Colour, backs that up with her findings: “Many women are not afraid of home colouring their hair, they can even pick two different colours and mix them. Women home colour their hair for different reasons – the obvious one being much less costly. For women who work, and don’t have hours to spend in hair salons, doing it yourself on your time at home is very appealing – especially if you need to colour your hair every few weeks.”

As Naturigin is sold in pharmacies only, as pharmacists are only too aware of the harmful chemicals that go into main brand hair colour products, they are best placed to explain that to customers. More and more women are switching to products like Naturigin as it is much less harsh on their hair and scalp without all the harmful chemicals. Catriona is amazed at the number of women who buy Naturigin from their local pharmacy, and bring it to their hair salon and ask them to colour their hair with it.

Naturigin is Ireland’s leading organic based hair colour, free from ammonia and parabens. It has excellent coverage and is available from all good pharmacies.


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