New weight loss innovation at Therapie

It may sound far-fetched but you can actually start to lose weight, safely and healthily, simply by taking a 100 per cent natural slimming supplement called SlilmFit.

SlimFit is clinically proven to work and is exclusively available at Therapie Clinics nationwide including Shop Street in Galway.

Grainne O’Mara from Galway has been taking SlimFit and commented: “I’ve lost 8lb over the past two weeks, without making any changes to my eating or lifestyle. I actually can’t believe it! I’ve had tones more energy and I just haven’t felt as hungry as I normally would. This really works, I’m thrilled. I have just a few more pounds to shift before I reach my goal weight, so bikini season here I come!”

What makes SlimFit so special is that it harnesses the power of natural, wonder-ingredient, African mango, which has been used for centuries to reduce and prevent obesity, treat infections, and lower cholesterol. It works by eliminating cravings, boosting energy levels, and even enhances your mood while you start to burn fat and lose weight. Super-slim Nicola Kidman is linked to the key ingredient, African mango, time and time again. SlimFit also helps to control and regulate the hormone leptin, a hormone that controls hunger.

SlimFit is 100 per cent natural, entirely safe, containing the goodness of pure African mango extract, in its purest form, combined with green tea extract and caffeine. To find out more contact Therapie Clinic on Shop Street in Galway, phone 091 539 900 or visit


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