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Trends update

Even if we do not want to admit it we are, as fashion consumers, influenced by the catwalk. It shapes our style, and in turn, how we buy. We see the likes of Jordan Dunn or Karly Kloss strut down the catwalk in something jaw dropping and we sit in hope that our favourite high street retailers will interpret this trend in an affordable way. At every fashion week, I watch intently so I can develop my personal trend preferences. Some jump at you, others take time to be realised. But this season is like a trends festival. As the summer is fast approaching and we plan our getaways to places that actually get some sun, I thought it appropriate to do a little refresher on some of the most popular looks.

Sportswear as normal wear

Contrary to popular belief, by sportswear we don’t mean your finest get up for the gym. This is more luxe than that but extends to dresses (yellow dress, from a selection at French Connection ), skirts and cute jackets. Take a look at designers like 3.1 Philip Lim (who is the pioneer of this look ) for inspiration; the fabrics in gorgeous colours like lilac and violet, are feminine but with a sporty and casual feel. Layering is key to this trend so try some long vests with a short jacket over cropped trousers. The balance of the layers is really flattering! And also remember that the sportswear trend is loose; fabrics have movement and nothing is tight to the body.

Lighten it up

To experiment with colour is like learning to cycle, you have to have a few goes before you hone in on what your colour wheel will be. Keep to some simple guidelines: lighter hair colours should go for blue and red tones, such as turquoise and coral. Dark and red hair colours try peppermint and lemon which will complement hair tones beautifully. Pastel colours are everywhere (I’ve been talking in pastel in much of my work! ), and if you want to splash out on some designer collections, pop along to Brown Thomas, where you can check out an installation featuring Emma Manley, Natalie Coleman (pictured, white pleated skirt and shirt ), Umit Kutluk and Mark T Burke until April 20th.


I know I have harped on about how great prints are, but honestly, never have we had such a selection of floral ones especially. It is the ultimate girlie trend and expect to see it at nearly every wedding you attend this year! Having carried out a lot of research on this season’s prints, I found florals the easiest to transition into your existing wardrobe, simply because a cardi or top will match a black skirt, jeans or white linen trousers you may from last summer (White and floral top, from a selection of prints from Fever ).

Whiter shade of pale

White is the new black for this summer. Taking inspiration from an afternoon at Wimbledon, the little white dress will make its mark once the sun appears. White is not the easiest colour to wear, it can be harsh on paler skin tones so it’s always advisable to throw in another block colour, like blue (which works really well ) if you prefer not to go for the mono-colour look. Darker skin tones can really have fun with white, and don’t be afraid to accessorize any white dress or top with some colourful jewellery and statement earrings for some added glam. White shoes are everywhere right now too, and label Rockin Reptile have some gorgeous ones to choose from!

So now feel refreshed and up to date on how to get this season’s trends work with what you have. Summer is about fun, and that includes your wardrobe too!


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