Successful results following HealthWest food intolerance test

Ultan Molloy

Ultan Molloy

The HealthWest food intolerance test is proving a huge hit with patients who have had it done. Here’s what some of those who’ve had the test done have said:

“A few days after changing I found myself full of energy. I was jumping out of bed in the morning!” SMcC (Castlebar, Co Mayo )

“I lost 8lb in 10 days after changing my diet. I’m delighted that I got the test done and with the results.” LC (Dumore, Co Galway )

“My bowels have settled down and I’m regular again. The bloated feeling is gone too” LMcG (Cloonfad, Co Roscommon )

We asked Ultan Molloy MPSI, proprietor Pharmacist about the test. “Well, we were looking for a good test for some time. We always try to help patients to get the root of their problems when we can, rather than letting these drag on for them. We have award winning customer service and our products and services are in line with this reputation.”

There are a number of tests on the market, so what makes their test different? Ultan said that “the test procedure, materials, consultation and follow up is just €120 which we believe is an excellent price for patients for what they are getting. Our HealthWest Food Intolerance test is a blood test and laboratory validated so we can stand over its scientific accuracy.”

Bookings and enquiries for the HealthWest Food Intolerance test are made by phoning 094 936 4712.


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