Treat acne with Mandelic Acid

Available at Pauline Cawley’s, Market Square, Castlebar a Mandelic Acid treatment is used for common skin conditions such as photoaging, acne and melasma.

Mandelic Acid is an alpha hydroxy extracted from bitter almond and works on two levels, as a mild exfoliant and as an antibacterial. It is clinically proven to help eliminate hyperpigmentation in the skin as well as acne and oily skin.

The anti-ageing treatment, helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles less irritating than glycolic peel but with very similar results.

The acid works by breaking up the bond between the skin cells, leading to increased rate of cellular turnover.

Mandelic Acid is absorbed at a slower than any other ingredients therefore does not disturb the melanin in the skin. Mandelic Acid is also one of the few ingredients prescribed for acne treatment and can be used on pimples, pustules and acne cysts.

To make an appointment contact Pauline Cawley, Market Square, Castlebar. Phone: 094 902 5007.


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