Try an organic home hair colour

Home hair colouring is certainly a great way to save money over costly hair salon charges. Certainly for women who need to colour their hair every four to six weeks, the cost can be expensive each month.

For some women not only can the cost of colouring be an issue but the long term effects of the chemicals in the hair colour. More and more women are becoming much more aware of the potential dangers of certain chemicals. Naturigin is an organic based hair colour. It is free of the controversial chemicals such as parabens and ammonia. It also has minuscule quantities of PPDS another very controversial chemical.

Catriona Coyle of Simply Natural, the agent for Naturigin, says that she researched organic hair colour for quite some time and tried everything on the market before coming across Naturigin. Catriona Coyle said she wanted a healthier hair colour that worked.

Her main incentive to finding a healthier way to colour her hair came from the fact she had two small children and she simply wanted not to take any unnecessary chances with her health. “Once you have children your responsibilities change and I was not comfortable colouring my hair every few weeks knowing that some ingredients in hair colour are being linked to various types of cancer – it is like making the decision to give up smoking because you want to be around for your kids as they grow up!”

Naturigin is stocked in all good pharmacies.



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