Look and feel great with Tan and Tone Westport

Before you start any programme to get healthy, you have to find your heartfelt higher purpose. If you want to have a lasting change you must create a connection in being well and what you value the most.

Next you have to have a plan that is tailored to your circumstances. There is no one size fits all solution to getting and staying healthy. Too many people get it into their heads that if they do not follow a programme to the ‘T’ then they are a failure and they quit. You have got to be able to adapt a programme to your situation. Saying: “Oh I've already ruined my good eating today, I'll just eat junk food for the rest of it,” is like saying, “oh I dropped my phone on the floor, I'll just smash it until it breaks.”

Let Tan and Tone, High Street, Westport, help you achieve your goals in a way that is achievable and most importantly maintainable for you. Tan and Tone is an all-in-one body care and health shop covering sports supplements, MMA clothing and gear, Ergoline sunbooth tanning, Fakebake spray tanning, PHYT’s 100 per cent organic skin care range, and Unisec total body care treatments.

Free fitness and supplement advice is also offered from the qualified personal trainer. For daily fitness tips and to keep up-to-date with offers you can follow it on Twitter and Facebook or call 098 50044.


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