Councillors agree to hear from jobs committee next month after no show

The elected members of Ballina Town Council agreed to hear from a delegation from the Jobs for Ballina Committee at their next monthly meeting, following the unavailability of anyone from the committee to attend the March meeting of the council.

At the February meeting of the council, members agreed to hear a presentation at the March meeting. However, town clerk Carmel Murphy told the meeting she had received no communication from the committee to say they were not attending. However Mayor Peter Clarke informed the members that he had been contacted by one of the members before the meeting on Tuesday to say they would not be able to attend. After some discussion it was agreed to reschedule the presentation from the committee to next month, despite dissenting voices from a few councillors.

Cllr Frances McAndrew told the meeting: “I don’t think we should, they had the chance to come and they didn’t.” Cllr Willie Nolan said: “I have no problem with anyone coming to make a presentation to the council, but they must follow the protocol of this council and this wasn’t done.”

Cllr Mark Winters stated: “I’d like to hear from them and I was told that it was due to a death that they couldn’t make it tonight.” Cllr Gerry Ginty said: “I might not like what these people have to say and I might not like they way they have gone about things before, but if they have one single idea that could bring even one more job to Ballina I think we should hear from them.”

Cllr Johnny O’Malley agreed that councillors should put the item on the agenda, but told the meeting: “They may not have known the protocol to follow to inform the meeting they would not be attending, but I think it’s better we hear from them rather than have them stirring up heat in the media.”



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