Barrett highlights household charge exemptions

With the deadline to pay the Household Charge fast approaching, Labour councillor Harry Barrett, has urged homeowners to make sure they are in fact liable to pay the charge. Homeowners must register and pay for the charge by March 31.

“Under the conditions of the EU/IMF bailout agreement, it was agreed that a Household Charge would be introduced. While not ideal, a flat rate of €100 has been introduced as an interim measure and a more equitable valuation-based property tax will be introduced as soon as possible. Homeowners, not occupiers, are liable for the charge but a number of homeowners are exempt from paying. These include those in receipt of mortgage interest supplments, properties owned by a charity, social housing, housing owned by councils, and properties unoccupied due to a long-term physical or mental illness. A certain number of unfinished housing estates in Mayo are also exempt. These are estates where for example there are public safety concerns, but where there is no on-site activity addressing these safety issues.

Cllr Barrett added that there will be late payment fees for those who do not register by the March 31 deadline.

A full list of exempt housing estates and further information can be found at



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