It’s time to tell hayfever to get stuffed

The longer evenings, better weather, and the emerging colourful displays of flowerbeds is a welcome change to some after the dark and gloomy winter, but for hayfever sufferers it means a battle with bouts of sneezing, a congested nose, and runny eyes. Desperate sufferers go to great lengths for relief, but herbal remedy provider A Vogel shows how nature can offer relief to its own problem.

Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollen and spores, microscopic grains present in plants, trees, and grasses for fertilisation, which are typically released into the air in late spring which will result in the common cold like symptoms in summer time; a stuffed or runny nose is often accompanied by sneezing. An excess of mucus production can lead to coughing, watering and sensitive eyes, and a running nose. In some, the eyes, nose, and throat can develop an itch, while others find dark circles appear beneath their eyes due to an increased flow of blood near the sinuses.

A Vogel’s Luffa Complex is a safe, natural, herbal remedy that desensitises the irritation and reduces the inflammation of hayfever with no side effects or contraindications, making it really effective against the allergy. Luffa Complex comes in tablet, tincture, and nasal spray form, and the nasal spray is particularly effective to offer quick relief from blocked, runny, and itchy noses without constricting the blood vessels in the nasal passage like many conventional and harsh sprays.

All A Vogel products are stocked in health food stores and selected pharmacies nationwide.


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