Champion Mayo athlete opens sports psychology clinic

A new sports psychology clinic for elite performance is now open in Mayo.

The initiative, by Westport-based champion runner and international athlete, Robert Malseed, will focus on two main areas - improving personal performance and recovering from illness.

Improving performance

The performance improvement is geared towards all sports people, including regular runners up to elite as well as soccer and GAA players. Training on offer includes altitude training, carried out in conjunction with a hypoxic altitude tent, where clients wear an altitude mask while using a treadmill or bike turbo to build on cardio training.

“This training is ideal for anyone interested in their own personal performance in a given activity. People in GAA are always interested in improvement and diversification. Instead of just concentrating on the biomechanics of running this is about the physiology of running. The altitude part is all about physiology because you can have perfect biomechanics but not be able to perform well”, explained Robert Malseed.

Simulated altitude training enhances athletic performance; improves recovery; prepares people for trips to high altitude and supports general health, weight management and wellbeing. The technique, IHE - Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure - involves breathing short bursts of mountain air through a mask, alternated with normal air.

“This should also help those who enjoy skiing and hiking to acclimatise to high altitudes, eg in the Andes or Alps”, stated Robert.

The following services are also on offer at the sports pscyhology clinic:

Sports massage and recovery

– Sports Massage incorporating various techniques and applications such as TENS, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, contrast treatment, proprioception training, core strength training and structured recovery programmes.

Applied sports psychology

– This is the application of various academic research theories that are applicable to sport science, exercise, human behaviour and performance.

– Nutritional supplementation and ergogenic aids, that assist in recovery and performance.

– Coaching and training – mountain running, endurance running and exercise.

– Workshops and presentations.

- College prospect of America - assisting and advising on athletic/academic scholarships in the United States.

As an international mountain/road and cross-country runner who has represented Britain, Northern Ireland and won a number of All-Ireland medals, Robert Malseed also holds a half marathon record of 64 minutes 28 seconds as well as a couple of sub 30 minute 10k records.

Currently running for Mayo AC, Robert personally prefers to do most of his running barefoot on grass and is in training to achieve a four-minute mile.

“My goal is to run a four-minute mile. That is not variable. Once your goal is carved in stone, for example to run the London marathon 2012, it is carved in stone and there is no changing that. What’s important is to find the balance between motivation and goal.”

For further information contact Robert now on: 086 084 0359.


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