Have glistening carpets and upholstery this Christmas

The Cleaning Corporation are delighted to announce the arrival of their new truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system which is 100 per cent guaranteed to give your carpets and upholstery the most thorough cleaning or the cleaning is free!

The benefits of the system for you: no electricity is wasted; no waste water is removed from the site; water required is brought in the holding tanks of machine (harvested rainwater ); no machinery is required indoors; there is extra-long hosing to access the cleaning area; two persons can work from the machine if required for larger areas, or if cleaning both carpets and upholstery; due to the exceptional strength and suction of the engine a deep restoration clean is achieved every time; upholstery and carpets dry faster; technicians can work more quickly as there is no filling or emptying of smaller holding tanks, reducing any inconvenience in the home or place of work.

The benefits of the system to the environment: harvested rainwater is used which is very soft and therefore reduces the amount of chemical required; the engine of the truck runs on LPG, a clean, greener fuel alternative which no odours from the engine; and reduced noise pollution as the engine is exhausted and muffled through the floor and all noise is kept outside.


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